About the center


Our mission is to support a person on the path of spiritual development, restore harmony, emotional and physical balance.

Our team has unique specialists who are ready to help you in your spiritual work on the way to yourself, to recover from severe emotional and physical upheavals.

In Auralife you can get not only pleasant procedures, but also training!

Description of face-to-face seminars and master classes is available in the “training” section.
We are happy to provide access to recorded coursesavailable online!

The center was founded by Olga Binkler-Bluth — a certified teacher at the Academy of Modern Color Technologies (Aura-Soma, UK). Olga is a Neurographics 2018 instructor, aesthetic coach, Waldorf teacher, color therapist, chakra massage teacher, ThetaHealing instructor, chakraphone teacher, Australian Flower Essences teacher, consultant on Emotional Freedom Technique and Hellinger Family Constellations.

Auralife —is the official distributor of Aura-Soma (in the Baltics), Australian flower essences(in the entire Russian-speaking area), chakraphones and various educational materials in seven areas.




Aura-Soma is a unique tool for self-discovery. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is non-interfering and is both diagnostic and therapy based on the client's own choice. Created intuitively, it serves to connect us with our consciousness and all that is eternal.

Essences of Australian flowers

Essences touch on topics such as sexuality, relationships, destiny. They help by dissolving negative beliefs, thoughts, emotions to come to a different quality of life. They are absolutely safe and have no side effects, except for a feeling of liberation, joy, freedom, confidence, trust...


Chakrafon is a musical instrument that anyone can play. Its tuning does not contain normal notes, so you cannot play dissonance. This instrument is tuned to the vibration frequency of our Planet - at this frequency the forest rustles, the river murmurs, bees hum and flowers emit their scent. As soon as you start playing , you will immediately feel harmony


Neurographics is a new modern art formthat allows you to create new neural connections that contribute to changes in life.

Chakra massage

This amazing method was created by Viki Engekham, my Teacher and inspirer, a person who creates an aura of love, care and tenderness around him.

Emotional freedom technique

This is an easy to remember method that uses light tapping of biologically active points of the skin, which are located ...

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